Thai Deep Fried Spring Rolls: Por Piah Tod

Por Piah Tod

Deep fried spring rolls, known as Po Pia Tod in Thai, most commonly use vermicelli (noodles glass), bean sprouts and wood ear mushrooms, creating the unmistakable aroma of a quintessential garlic-cilantro root-peppercorn paste.

Fried Spring Rolls are usually found sold on the street in Thailand. Typically, the vendors who sell them also sell deep fried tofu triangles, fried shredded taro cakes, fried shredded turnip cakes and fried corn cakes as delicious alternatives. You decide which ones you want (you can mix them) and the vendor dumps them in a bag, tops it with sauce and gives you a wooden stick to harpoon the food. You can also get spring rolls at some restaurants, usually of Chinese-Thai origin. The restaurant version usually is a lot nicer, with shredded vegetables and meat, sometimes seafood. There is another variety of spring roll which has one shrimp inside each roll, which are simply delicious.

Cost: 20-50 baht
Spicy Level: 0-1