Thai Fruits: Pon La Mai

Pon La Mai

Thailand is a country of fertile plains and hot tropical weather, as well as its more temperate northern regions, culminating in pretty much anything growing here. Thailand has many fruits that you might have never seen before that are simply scrumptious, and the best part is that you can find them easily on the streets or even when you’re relaxing on the beach or sitting in bar. Not only is fruit cheap, healthy and nutritious, it’s also a great way to rehydrate and is a superb snack. A piece of watermelon helps you to rehydrate after being out in the sun. Thai pineapples are very sweet and succulent, with a soft, fragrant pulp. Occasionally, a sprinkle of salt is added to temper its bite. Try some delicious Guava or green mango if feeling really adventurous, or experience it the Thai way by dipping it in salt, sugar and chili. You can’t come to Thailand without trying out its amazing fruits.

Cost: 10-40 baht
Spicy Level: 0-1 (Depends on dipping)