Thai Roasted Duck on Rice: Khao Na Ped

Khao Naa Ped

Khao Na Ped, otherwise known as Roasted Duck on Rice, is a Thai dish with Southern Chinese influences (Thai word: Khao-na-ped) and is a delicious dish made of sliced roasted duck on top of steamed rice with a unique Thai gravy sauce served with some pickles like ginger or other vegetables. Often served with a small bowl of soup, it looks very similar to BBQ Pork on rice and you might even find them at the same vendor, although the authentic varieties are actually very different.

What distinguishes Khao Na Ped is the sauce, which is a lot less thick and sweet compared to Khao Moo Daeng. You will notice these shops by the lines of hanging ducks. Some restaurants serve the duck together with noodles known as Ba Mee Ped (Noodle Roast duck).

Cost: 40-80 baht
Spicy Level: 0