Thai Soy Milk: Nam Tai Hoo

Nam Tao Hoo

Soy milk (Nam Tao Hoo) is a staple Thai daily breakfast and night snack. Sometimes after waking up, we just want a warm healthy drink that is light and tasty. It’s also popular to have Nam Tao Hoo in the evening or at night after a meal. Soy milk can be found at local markets or on the streets.

Many vendors have a big pot full of soy milk, which they flavor with either white or brown sugar. In Thailand, Nam Tao Hoo (soy milk) is usually enjoyed with “Patongo” (Patongo is the Thai version of the donut, a blob of lightly sweet dough deep fried until fluffy on the inside and crunchy on the outside). You can also add toppings to soy milk such as black sesame, millet, jelly, sago, red beans, or even basil seeds, or whatever they offer in your soy milk. If you are a very health-conscious person, you don’t have to add sugar as it’s still delicious.

Cost: 5-10 baht
Spicy Level: 0