Thai Vegetable with Chili Paste: Num Phrik With Pug

น้ำพริก ผัก
Num Phrik with Pug

Nam Phrik is a generic term that may refer to any type of spicy, chili-based, watery hot sauce typical of Thai cuisine. Nam Phrik is a type of Thai dip or hot sauce using fresh or dry chilies, garlic, shallots, lime juice and often some kind of fish or shrimp paste. In the traditional way of preparing the sauce, the ingredients are pounded together using a mortar and pestle, with either salt or fish sauce added to taste.

Nam Phrik is kind of like the “veggies and dip” of Thai cuisine, but instead of carrot sticks, there’s boiled bitter melon (and other vegetables) and in place of ranch dressing you will find fermented shrimp paste and roasted chilies. Nam Phrik is a very general term for any kind of spicy chili sauce that is normally eaten as a condiment or dipping sauce for fried fish and lots of boiled vegetables. There are many different types of nam prik in Thailand, the most popular variations include nam prik kaphi (chili sauce with fermented shrimp paste), nam prik pla too (chili sauce with de-boned mackerel fish) and nam prik pla raa (chili sauce with fermented fish sauce). If you like a hot and spicy kick to your food, accept no substitutes.

Cost: 20-30 baht+
Spicy Level: 3-5