Thai Isan pork and rice sausage: Sai Krok Isan

Sai Krok Isan

Sai krok Isan (In Thai: Sai krok means sausage), is a fermented sausage originating in the northeastern provinces of Thailand. It is made with minced pork and is often stretched with the addition of sticky rice or vermicelli (glass noodles) mixed with galangal, lemongrass, chilies, and other spices. The intense flavor comes from the pork that is fermented for several days that creates a tangy-tart that adds to the richness of the overall dish. The sausage might be smoked, grilled over hot charcoal or even deep-fried until encased in a crunchy exterior. Sai Krok Isan (sausages) can be eaten as a snack or appetizer or as part of a meal. The meal is served with fresh chili peppers, garlic, pickled ginger, spring onion, cilantro, leaf lettuce, cabbage and other greens you may like. The pairing makes for a really spicy combination, so a cold drink in hand will help wash down the spiciness. These Thai sausages are sold at grilled meat food carts strewn along the streets of Thailand.

Cost:5 – 10 baht+
Spicy Level: 0 – 5