Khao San Road in Bangkok

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Popular Bangkok Attractions

One of the most famous streets in all of the bustling metropolis that is Thailand’s capital city, Khao San Road is a vibrant, fascinating and exotic melting-pot of East and West. Once a hangout primarily for hippies, backpackers and other budget travelers, Khao San has in recent years grown its appeal to a wider market that now also includes students, artists, trendy types, well-heeled tourists and businessmen.

In doing so, this legendary road in Bangkok’s Banglampu area has transformed into a hotspot for people from all walks of life. The budget-minded elements and gritty, free-and-easy atmosphere is still very much there. There is a great choice of inexpensive guesthouses and local restaurants lining both sides of the street, travel agents offering cheap travel arrangements to Thailand’s southern islands and the cultural attractions of the north. You will also find street vendors selling all manner of items from fried insects to souvenir T-shirts. There is also tuk-tuk and motorcycle taxi drivers everywhere. 

A visit to or a stay on Khao San Road is an experience in itself. An eye-opening, exciting and intriguing experience, in which this one famous road and its various side streets are the stage and travelers from across the globe and Bangkok residents alike are the multi-faceted cast of players.

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