Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok

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Chatuchak Weekend Market (JJ) Bangkok

For the avid shopaholic, enthusiastic bargain hunter and average shopper alike, Chatuchak Weekend Market – affectionately known as JJ Market – is one of Bangkok’s must-visit places. Situated on the outskirts of the city, this bustling market covers an immense 27 acres across. Here you will find over 10,000 stalls selling just about everything from wooden furniture, handicrafts, plants, ceramics and local souvenirs to trendy clothing, silks, toys, household decorations, antiques and even animals. 

The sheer size and mind-boggling array of products on offer really does make JJ Market the place to shop till you drop. The weekend typically sees over 200,000 people venture into the maze of alleyways packed solid with booths full of fascinating and unmistakably exotic merchandise. A significant portion of this crowd are tourists who have heard of the market’s legendary status.

It is advisable to wear light clothing when visiting JJ Market, as it can get pretty hot within the ‘maze’. It’s also wise to exercise a few precautions and always check goods for any damage before you buy since a number of the vendors sell factory rejects. When it comes to ‘antiques’ in particular, don’t necessarily accept that they are genuine. Still, the quality of much of the vast range of merchandise to be found within the sprawling expanse of JJ Market is definitely worth a visit, even if you’re only in Bangkok for a day or two.

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