Bridge Over the River Kwai Kanchanburi

Bridge Over The River Kwai, Kanchanburi

The Bridge over the River Kwai is a name known around the world, for its reference to the infamous Death Railway of World War II and the 1957 movie The Bridge on the River Kwai that centers on the construction of the bridge by Allied POWs and slave labour under the Imperial Japanese Army.

The bridge is situated about 130km from Bangkok in the town of Kanchanaburi in Thailand’s westernmost province of the same name. Tourists from around the world flock to the site to walk across the infamous bridge, of which the curved spans are the original sections, and to visit the war cemeteries, museums and other reminders of World War II situated around the town. An estimated 16,000 war prisoners and over 50,000 labourers died during construction of the bridge and the Death Railway leading to Burma in World War II, under the brutal hand of the occupying Japanese forces.

Around the promenade by the bridge are stalls selling souvenirs and each November, there is a light and sound show that takes place around the bridge.

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