X-Center in Chiang Mai

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Extreme Sport in Chiang Mai

Adrenalin junkies visiting Chiang Mai should stop right in their tracks and listen up.

The X-Center at Chiang Mai is one of those places that thrill seekers will fall in love with on their first impression. This one-stop-shop of adventure activities has everything all under one roof. Choose from an impressive selection of adventure activities at this purpose-built venue:

- Jungle Bungy Jump

- Xorb Ball

- Off Road Buggies

- Drift Go-Karts

- Trial Bikes

- Paint Ball

Situated on Mae Rim-Samoeng Road, under a 10-minute drive from Chiang Mai city center, the X-Center is located on your left hand side – you simply cannot miss it. When we arrived at the X-Center, we were immediately blown away by the set-up. You are first greeted by a large car park, restaurant and main office, behind which you will see a lake, bungy crane and a custom-built covered go-kart track. Everything gleams of newness.

Bungee Jump

Suspended 50 meters above the X-Center lake, this high-octane Bungee Jump is built and safeguarded to New Zealand standards. Although the bungy structure does resemble a crane, it is actually a solid in-built structure. Being Chiang Mai’s only bungy jump, granted, you don’t have many choices, but lucky for you this is one of the best and most trusted in Thailand… yippeeeee…….

Price:1,500 to 2,000 baht per person depending on package.


Xorb Ball

Ever fancied being strapped into a huge rubber ball and slung down a rather steep hillside? Me too! The Xorb Ball at the X-Center is the answer to your adrenalin filled dreams. At 3.3m in diameter, these inflatable balls are big enough for two persons at one time and are released from a purpose-built platform. Bouncing down a 100m hill has never been safer.

Price:600 baht per person   



The X-Center go-karts are slightly unique in regards to them being drift-karts. These karts are designed to slide on the surface a little upon the specially made track which enhances the fun tenfold. There are single-seated cars and 2-seaters, which can be driven by both adults and children over the age of 9-years-old. The karts are very stable and trained staff are positioned to ensure no major hiccups occur.

Price:Single-Seater - 10 Minutes - 800 baht
           Two-Seater - 10 Minutes - 1000 baht


Off-Road Buggies

Extreme sporting fun is personified by these amazing Off-Road Buggies. Have a chance to drive around a purpose-built course in the Chiang Mai Jungle or as the passenger of one of the guides. You have two choices of buggies – the 2-seat 250cc buggies or the limited stock of the powerful 1000cc super buggies.

Price:1 Hour Trip Per Car - 3000 baht

           2 Hour Trip Per Car - 4500 baht


Trial Bikes

Biking through the jungle terrain has never been more attractive than on these Kawasaki Trial Bikes. The X-Center really does offer such a wide choice of extreme sport activities. These guided adventure tours tackle lots of rugged jungle terrain, allowing you a thrills and spills adventure extravaganza. Riders have a choice of 2 trial bikes – the KLX250 or the more fun approach of the little KLX140.

Price:1 Hour Trip at 1,800 baht per rider

           2 Hour Trip at 2,500 baht per rider



If you have never tried paintballing before, it’s about time you did. You don’t know what you’re missing out on. The great thing about this activity is that you only need 1 ‘friend’ with you to be your enemy, although a group would be better suited to paintballing. The X-Center has a Paintball Warzone, fully equipped with bunkers and defendable structures all under natural jungle cover. There are also several paintball games that can be made depending on the numbers available. All the protective gear, a rapid-fire gun and 50 paint balls are included in the standard cover charge.

Price:  Paintball cover charge - 600 baht

            Target Range - 300 baht

            Extra 50 balls - 250 baht


Chiang Mai X-Centre

263 Moo 1. Mae Rim-Samoeng Rd, T.Mae Rim, Mae Rim District, Chiang Mai, THAILAND.
[email protected]

053-297700 (Voice & FAX)
08-78336655 (Mobile)