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Fishing in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai has long been one of Thailand’s major freshwater fishing destinations. Although still quite under advertised, there are many options for fishing in Chiang Mai, from massive lakes in national parks to low-key, but still more than entertaining, smaller establishments such as the Borsang Fishing Park. Day trips are available with local guides who provide an excellent service to visiting anglers.

Situated within a short drive from the world-famous Borsang Umbrella Village, this fishing park is roughly a 30-minute drive from the heart of Chiang Mai City. If you have come to Chiang Mai without your fishing tackle, Borsang Fishing Park is perfect for you because you can rent reels, rods and bait onsite for just 200 baht, alongside the 100 baht entry fee to the park.

The size of the lake is approximately 6 acres, and is home to famous Northern Thai fish such as the Mekong Giant Catfish and the Striped Catfish although you will also find some Chinese Carp. Some of the Catfish can be up to 50kg in weight although on average there are lots weighing in between 20-30kg. It is not unheard for keen anglers to catch 20 Catfish in a day, with an average size of around 15kg.


As with many of these under-one-roof fishing parks in Thailand, you can grab a beer and even get your catch barbecued if you desire. We had a great time and with the amount of fish in the lake, you are almost sure to catch something.

With a vast amount of pitches situated all around the lakes and some purpose-built wooden sala type constructions, you can have a leisurely day or evening at this entertaining fishing park.

Borsang Fishing Park is open throughout the year, but is most comfortable during the winter season, from December to February.

Prices: Park Entrance 100 baht
Fishing Tackle Rental: 200 baht

Mekong Giant Catfish, Striped Catfish

Borsang Fishing Park

29 Moo4, Tonpao, Borsang, Sankhampaeng, Chiang Mai.

Tel +66 (0)53-338537