Chiang Rai One Day Trip

Day Trips Around Chiang Rai

Rong Khun Temple

Wat Rong Khun is also known as the White Temple. Whereas most temples visited by tourists have a history going back many centuries, this magnificent place of worship was built only recently. It is the realization of a dream for Thailand's noted artist, Mr Chalermchai Kositpipat, who designed and supervised the construction of this beautiful white temple and its many statues of figures. 

Karen Ruammit Elephant Club

Enjoy some elephant trekking at the Karen Ruammit Elephant Club. The Karen village of Ruammit, on the banks of Nam Mae Kok (Mae Kok River), is promoted as a Karen community, but nearby are Lahu, Lisu and Akha villages clustered on its outskirts. Despite its equally mountainous location, it is quite different to adjacent towns of Baan Thaton and Doi Mae Salong. If you want to see the picturesque Chiang Rai jungle at first hand, this elephant trekking park is one of the best in the region.

Mae Sai Waterfall

Huai Mae Sai Waterfall is a part of Mae Kok National Park that, located in Huai Mae Sai village, Mae Yao Sub-District,19km away from the city of Chiang Rai. Huai Mae Sai waterfall is set over 2 levels. The first level is 15m-high. The 1st level is covered with moss and fern. The 2nd level has a pond where tourists can swim.

King Mengrai Monument

The King Mengrai Great Memorial is located in the town on the intersection leading to Mae Chan. Originally, King Mengrai was the ruler of Nakhon Hiran Ngoen Yang, an ancient town on the banks of the Mae Khong around Chiang Saen, before Chiang Rai was established as the administrative center in 1262. He consolidated his power by merging the city in the north and founded the Lanna Thai Kingdom in 1296 with Chiang Mai as the capital.

Chiang Rai Night Bazaar

A fraction of the size of Chiang Mai’s more famous night bazaar, the mini version in downtown Chiang Rai is still a pleasant place for an evening stroll and an excellent option for snacks and a beer. The offerings are similar, though much reduced in choice, to the Chiang Mai version: hill-tribe handicrafts, pirated DVDs, T-shirts, carved soap candles and so on.

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