Tanim Waterfall and Magic Garden in Koh Samui

Tanim Waterfall & Magic Garden, Koh Samui

The mysterious, magical world of the Tanim Waterfall Magic Garden on Koh Samui is best ventured into as dusk falls and the sounds of the day fade into night. A unique experience, the garden was planned by a local fruit farmer and began in 1976. He and his wife are now buried here in the creation they loved. It’s another world far away from the sun-worshipping pleasures of the holiday island and is reminiscent of the magical world created by JR Tolkien, author of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Hidden deep in the forested hills of the quieter part of the island, the garden’s tiny entrance gate leads via steep steps past tiny streams to a place of mystery where the rocks are carved into animal, human and marine life figures.

Winding pathways lead through lush greenery to a clearing holding a huge number of stone-carved musicians playing their instruments and overlooked by an image of seated deity. Traditional Thai dancing figures front the musicians, and massive carvings of birds with snakes in their mouths guard the revellers. Steps lead to the music of tinkling waterfalls and rushing little streams, enhancing the magical experience, and the empty dwellings were built to give night-time comfort to wandering forest monks.  

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