Koh Samui Crocodile Farm

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Samui Crocodile Shows

Samui Crocodile Farm in Bophut is a fascinating place to find out more about Thailand's jaws and claws. They're all here; Siamese crocodiles, caimans, saltwater crocodiles, snakes, lizards, monkeys and more. The farm covers an area of 8,000sqm and is located near the airport.

The SCF has a good set up and a lot of shade and the 3-times-daily crocodile and snake shows are not only fun to watch but are unusual and full of excitement.

Crocodiles bred in Thailand come in various sizes, from the very small to hulking specimens measuring up to about 5-metres long. To train them is clearly only an expert’s job and the thrilling show at Samui Crocodile Farm includes the trainers letting the audience see them up close and personal. Then there’s an act that involves a trainer using a croc as a chair. All this is done without any protection.

It’s pretty amazing to see someone risk his life with a smile on his face by inserting his head into a croc’s mouth. Afterwards the trainer will let you pet the croc, but only its tail for obvious reasons.