Sea Kayak Tours Krabi

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Sea Kayak Tours in Krabi

Sea Kayak Krabi Tours provide the eco-experience of a lifetime where you'll explore the wonders of sea caves, wild tropical mangrove forests and the thrilling karst limestone formations of Phang Nga bay.

The north part of Krabi Province boasts dramatic karst topography and an abundance of caves. 

The first cave you will visit is Tham Lod, which has a spectacular tunnel through the karst that is richly adorned with stalactites and stalagmites. The entrance to the passage is overhung by a curtain of jungle vines.

The limestone cliffs surrounding the cave are richly adorned with endemic palms and cycads. Continuing from Tham Lod it is just a few minutes' paddle to the Big Headed Ghost Cave, known as Tham Pee Hua Toe, where a human skull was found that was much larger than normal size, hence the name.

More extensive evidence of ancient occupation can be found in the nearly 100 pictographs adorning the cave walls and ceilings. Both real and mythological people and animals are depicted in rich ocher, yellow and black pigments. There are also vast numbers of seashells embedded within the sedimentary rock and littering the cave floor, which may have been refuse of prehistoric cave dwellers.

Some of the stalactite formations are also of special interest as they bend radically towards the light and an unspoiled view of the mangroves, limestone crags and sea that has changed little since the time this was home or a ceremonial site for ancient seafaring people.

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