Pattaya Park Shooting and Adventure

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Loads of Fun Stuff to do, Lifelong Memories

Pattaya Park Shooting & Adventure offers a one-stop experience playground for adults and families. Much more than just a shooting range, the wide variety of activities on an ala carte menu makes it a great place to stop by for an hour or spend an afternoon.

The shooting is obviously the biggest draw, and they offer something for all tastes. They have high-quality handguns from .22s to larger caliber 9mm and even .45 automatics. There are dedicated ranges for target shooting and a second area for clay pigeon and skeet shooting. The attendants are friendly well trained and all safety equipment is provided.

If you’re more a Robin Hood/Hunger Games type, archery is also on offer and has yet another dedicated range with enough elbow room for a large group. It’s easy to see why the park used to be known as “Pirates of Pattaya.”

Adrenaline lovers are well advised to check out the Tower Jump (34 meters) and Flying Fox zip-line, which carries you to four separate stations within the park. There’s also a climbing wall for those who wish to test their strength and resistance to vertigo at the same time. The age limit/height limit/weight limit is decided on a case-by-case basis, based on body type and size. Most average-sized 9 year-olds will be able to participate in many of the “flying” activities.

For those who wish to take things a bit slower, or families with smaller children, there are relaxing activities in the park like kayaking, carriage rides, pony rides, and horseback riding. Inside the Water Zorb ball, anyone who can walk can “walk on water.” There is also a fishing park which stocks area favorites like the snakehead fish, pomfret, and Mekong catfish. Unlike many places, they will let you fish for your dinner and will cook up your catch for you.

For large groups booking in advance, you can watch a horse show (dressage-lite) and they even have a meeting room for corporate events. And, throughout the park, there are perfect areas for a large group to hang out together.


Open Daily from 8:00-18:00


Many packages are available and all activities are also available ala carte. The “menu” is extensive, so here are a few highlights...

·         900 THB buys you a bit of shooting, tower jump, archery, fishing, horse riding, and climbing

·         500 THB for all day fishing

·         700 THB for 1 hour of archery

Be warned, however, that bullets are quite expensive in Thailand, so 25 .22 bullets are 1,000 THB, and prices increase with the caliber.

Driving Directions to Pattaya Park Shooting & Adventure

The park is located just north of Huay Yai Road off the “Railroad Road.” From the intersection of Sukhumvit and Chaiyapruek (Jomtien Beach Road), turn east (away from the ocean) on Chaiyapruek Road 2. After 500 meters, turn right, parallel to the railroad tracks. Just before the road ends at Huay Yai, turn left onto the well-marked road for Pattaya Park. Continue about 500 meters and you will see the grey and orange walls of the park on your left.

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