Canopy Adventures Cable Ride in Pattaya

Canopy Adventures Cable Ride Pattaya

Cable rides are quickly becoming a staple of any adventurous holiday, allowing visitors the opportunity to soar through the air at incredible speeds and jaw dropping heights. Thailand in particular is home to several such outfits, offering gorgeous views of the Thai countryside and a fun and exciting way to spend a day. One of the best companies to go with for a cable ride is Canopy Adventures, with several locations in Thailand including one in Pattaya. Enjoy these exciting adventure activities in Pattaya. 

Canopy Adventures Cable Ride in Pattaya was the first cable course of its kind in Thailand, and as a pioneer in the field it has continued to innovate and offer an exciting product. Today, Canopy Adventures Cable Ride in Pattaya offers not only an exciting course but also is the only place in Thailand to offer tandem cables, making for a romantic activity for couples or just a fun way to enjoy the experience together with a friend.

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All of the staff at Canopy Adventures Cable Ride in Pattaya are highly professional, and all of the equipment is completely safe and up to date. There have never been any accidents here in all of its years of operation, and every rider is insured as part of the cost of their ticket. Enjoy extreme Pattaya at it most exciting.

Canopy Adventures offers over 3 km of cables on which to ride, as guests stop at 20 different platforms along the way, each one offering fantastic views and incredible heights. In addition to the cable line, Canopy Adventure is home to a great restaurant which serves incredible Thai dishes at great prices. 

The course is truly fun, and an adventure to remember.

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