Flight of the Gibbon In Pattaya

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Flight of the Gibbon in Pattaya

Imagine what it might be like to soar above the trees as a gibbon does; to have the entire jungle at your fingertips, flying effortlessly from branch to branch while taking in the incredible scenery. Imagine being far removed from all the distractions and stresses of day-to-day life, as the rush of the wind pushes your face into a smile and a quick look down reveals just how far up you really are. With the Flight of the Gibbon zip-line tour, based out of Pattaya, you don't have to imagine. 

In recent years, zip-lining has become more and more popular throughout the world as places with the appropriate topography have set up courses full of fun and excitement. Flight of the Gibbon does it better than perhaps any other in the business. Flight of the Gibbon lets guests soar from one treetop stand to another, in an experience designed to be reminiscent of the region’s native Gibbons. For humans, riding a cable is about as close as one can get.

One starts with a quick safety briefing, allowing guests to gain familiarity and confidence with the equipment and themselves before heading out on the course. Each group is led by two guides who make sure everyone gets from platform to platform safely. If someone does get stuck between the trees, they will be able to go out on the cable and quickly get everyone back on solid ground. The equipment itself is foolproof and completely safe. The course does have a maximum weight limit, but this is just a precaution. 

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The guides (called sky rangers) are highly trained and knowledgeable. In addition to helping guests fly through the 3km course they will share their own knowledge of the jungle and the local flora and fauna. Throughout the 24 platforms, guests will also get the opportunity to cross two suspended sky bridges and undergo two abseil descents, with a 90-degree drop under the careful eye of the sky rangers.

A variety of different programs are available. Some as short as a few hours while others last 2 full days and include extras such as a tiger show, elephant trekking, a zoo experience and more. The organization that runs Flight of the Gibbon is heavily involved in preserving the local habitat. Guests can be assured that the proceeds are working to help save the environment. The organization also allows guests who are interested to contribute to sponsoring their own tree in the local rainforest through the Trees for Life program, in addition to running a rehabilitation and release program for the endangered gibbons that are the namesake of the park.

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