Prestige Car Rental Bangkok in Pattaya

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Trustworthy Car Hire from Prestige Car Rental, Pattaya

While you can rent a vehicle from many companies during your stay in Pattaya, the only one you should consider when it comes to luxury car rental is Prestige Car Rental.

Sure, they offer some stunning vehicles, but you can also have 100% confidence when hiring that special car that the car will be in excellent condition and everything will be handled with international standards of service. In terms of speed, class of vehicle and quality of ride you will leave other drivers trailing in your wake.

Prestige Car Rental

This highly professional company is based in central Bangkok and is Thailand’s premier luxury car provider. When you are staying in Pattaya and need that special vehicle which will set you apart from the crowd Prestige Car Rental must be your first port of call. The helpful and knowledgeable staff will assist with all requirements, and the car of your choice will be delivered directly to your doorstep here in Pattaya. Or, if you prefer, you can arrange for airport delivery and start your dream before your feet hit Thai soil.

The company may be number one when it comes to prestigious car rental, but they have cornered the market on all many types of luxury transport. Their beautiful new, EC-135 Europcopter helicopter can whisk you from the airport to Pattaya and their stretch limousine can chauffeur you to Pattaya’s best hot spots. They even offer security services and executive services for those discerning individuals who demand privacy, security, and excellence in all things.

Head-turning cars for the ride of a lifetime

Lamborghini Performante

This luxurious Lamborghini is the latest in a long line of superbly designed and refined sports cars from this renowned company. Bring that special Italian style to the streets of Pattaya and just watch those heads turn.

Mercedes E250 – Coupe or Convertible

They have the Mercedes E-class coupe, but there is something special about convertibles, and this E250 really is special. It is the ultimate cruising machine. It has poise and fantastic road handling. Drop that hood, cruise the highways and byways of Pattaya and its wonderful coast for a day to remember.

BMW 520D

This luxury sedan sets the standard for this class of vehicle. It is refined and responsive; fairly similar to the drivers who chose to hire this well established favourite.

Porsche Cayman

A Porsche in Pattaya? Put a smile on everyone’s face as you cruise through the streets in this classic Porsche design. Agile and iconic, once seen never forgotten. You will be driving a work of art.

BMW 4 Series

Let’s face it, you can drive any of the above and feel those admiring glances long after you have passed, but for chic, coolness, and a convertible with ultimate style, the BMW 4 series will exceed all expectations. Really grab the attention while attending a wedding or special birthday party, dining at one of the top-class restaurants in the area, or simply cruising with your friends and enjoying your holiday to the hilt.

Making the dream a reality

Prestige Car Rental makes things clear and simple, hiring from them will be a pleasure you will want to repeat. Here are a few key highlights to help you along the way:

Daily Rental Rates – Start from 7,000 baht per day

Delivery to Pattaya – A most definite YES – Name your delivery address and preferred time and the vehicle is yours.

Driver’s minimum age – You must be over 20 years of age

Insurance – The Company’s extensive full insurance package covers you for everything except wheel and tire damage.

Other questions, requests or to book the most stylish ride you will ever have in Pattaya, please contact:

In Thailand: 02-207-2303

From Overseas: +6622072303

Or visit their website at:

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