Three Kingdoms Park

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  • Three Kingdoms Park Pattaya shows you during your Thailand holiday some cultural aspects of ancient China
  • Pattaya Three Kingdoms Park is a Chinese theme park
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Chinese Culture in Thailand

The Three Kingdoms Park in Pattaya is a theme park based on the 14th century Chinese novel "Romance of the Three Kingdoms".

The theme park, also known as Suan Samkok, was established by successful Chinese Thai businessman Kiarti Srifuengfung, the founder of the Asaha Glass Company.

The park was built with the intention of showing visitors aspects of Buddhism and Chinese culture and philosophy.

The Three Kingdoms Park is set in large well maintained grounds and contains three Chinese style pagodas and a long wall with murals, where scenes from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms epic are depicted. Besides the mural paintings there are a number of large Chinese vases and paintings on display, showing scenes from the epic.

The Three Kingdoms Park contains one large main pagoda and two smaller ones. The middle largest pagoda presents a number of characters from the Three Kingdoms story and a statue of the founder of the park, as well as a number of Chinese vases and paintings telling scenes from the Three Kingdoms story.

The top floor contains Chinese statues and Buddha relics. From here, you will have a good view of the surrounding area. One of the smaller pavilions contains a white marble statue of the Chinese Goddess of Mercy, Guanyin. The other smaller pavilion contains 18 statues of Luohan Quan, a kind of Arhat boxer, with a fighting style said to originate from monks in the Chinese Shaolin Temple.

Outside you will find a number of ancient Chinese warrior statues. The very well kept landscaped area and the aesthetically pleasing design of the pagodas give the place a serene atmosphere.

The park opens daily from 10am until 5pm, on weekends until 6 pm. Admission fee is 150 Thai Baht per adult, 80 Baht per child.