Pattaya Bottle Art Museum

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Pattaya Bottle Art Museum

Pattaya’s Bottle Art Museum is the kind of attraction that has no equal anywhere else in the world. An entire museum dedicated to the creation of art with bottles. Today, this Pattaya Art Museum features more than 300 pieces, all of them depicting a great variety of things. Some depict cultural icons, some are people, and others are simply images of daily life. Despite the variety of subjects, the one thing uniting them all is the unique way in which they have been made: with bottles.

This Pattaya Bottle Art Museum was founded in 1995 by a Dutch artist, Peiter Deleij, who was living in Thailand. It is said he would work as much as 15 hours per day to produce the many items seen in the museum’s halls. Today, stewardship of the museum and creation of new pieces has been handed over to Prapaisri Thaipanich, a local artist who worked under and was personally trained by Mr. Deleij.

Art Museums in Pattaya

A visit to the Pattaya Bottle Art Museum begins with a short video from the museum’s staff about the museum itself, its history and its mission. The video is available in a variety of Asian and European languages, and the art inside communicates in a way that speaks to all. The staff of the museum are extremely knowledgeable about the pieces on display, and often can answer questions at length, being familiar with not only the finished product but also how it was made, what its inspiration was, and more. Art in Pattaya has never been so accessible. 

The Pattaya Bottle Art Museum is located in North Pattaya on Sukhumvit Road, quite close to Mini Siam. Most in Pattaya will find the museum is best reached either in a songthaew or a short taxi ride. Entrance fees are very affordable, with prices of just 200 baht per adult and 100 baht per child.

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