The Sanctuary of Truth

Pattaya Temple

Pattaya’s Sanctuary of Truth is one of the area’s most intriguing tourist attractions. Although it is a temple in form, it is very much different from the normal wats that visitors can find around Thailand’s cities and towns. Indeed, the Sanctuary of Truth is unlike just about anything else found in this world and is a unique Pattaya Temple .

The Sanctuary of Truth is carved from wood and features the art and design techniques of a variety of cultures. Of course, there are large amounts of Thai-style work, but visitors will also notice strong influences of Khmer architecture (like that seen in Angkor Wat for example, or several older temples in Thailand) and Chinese architecture. Depictions of Hindu pieces like those found in India can also be seen throughout the complex.

Visitors will immediately notice that the Sanctuary of Truth is not yet finished; much like a cathedral, a project this massive and ambitious necessarily takes many years to complete. Although the project began in 1981, it is not estimated to be completed until 2025 at the earliest. However, even this date may be delayed as the tropical environment takes a toll on the wooden structures, requiring parts that are already finished to be replaced even before the other parts have been built. This frustrating cycle makes construction quite slow and difficult, but progress is nonetheless being made.

The temple itself is right next to the sea. The grounds alone are beautiful. Of course, the temple is simply awe-inspiring, and will truly give guests a memorable experience. Visitors can also take a tour to see the artisans at work and understand better how this incredible place has been built. Those who buy tickets online will find adult tickets for 500 baht and children for 200 baht, while walk-ins will pay a slight premium.