Colosseum Cabaret Show - Pattaya

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The Colosseum show in Pattaya is the latest entry in the growing cabaret scene, and rivals Tiffany’s and Alcazar as a glitzy, extravagant evening of entertainment.

The show is fun and campy, with major production numbers featuring an “Around the World” theme. The show starts in Rome, and then moves through Thailand and Southeast Asia, Korea, China, India, and back to the West (by way of Las Vegas) with the final showcase featuring 95+ performers in costumes totaling over 2 million THB.

The production values are quite high. The Thailand number, with the showgirls emerging from glittering lotus blossoms in front of a palace, is particularly lovely, as is the “Ladies of ASEAN” that follows. The best choreography comes in the “Indian” showcase, and has the frenetic humor and energy that makes these shows so enjoyable.

Ladyboys, known as katoey in Thai, seem to fascinate everyone who visits Thailand. Katoey are transgendered (male to female), but do not fit easily into Western categories. They are, for the most part, accepted into society as a third gender and it is not uncommon to hear a mother say “I have four children: two girls, one boy, and a katoey.” Many katoey undergo varying degrees of plastic surgery to reach an ideal of feminine beauty.

The Colosseum has really raised the bar for the show-going experience. Their theater, on Thepprasit Road in South Pattaya, is a reproduction of the Colosseum ruins in Rome, with glass replacing the missing pieces. The interior is equally notable, with sweeping marble staircases and sparkling chandeliers, and an elegant lounge cafe where you can enjoy the soft drink included in the ticket price. 

The show is open to all ages and does not include nudity. Some of the comedy is a little crass, but not much more than modern animated movies. The THH team included two girls, 5 and 9, who thoroughly enjoyed the glittery costumes and high-energy music, and especially liked taking pictures with the performers after the show.

In fact, it wasn’t entirely clear that they knew the performers weren’t “really” women, and the elegant showgirls make it easy to forget.

Show Times: 18:00, 19:30, and 21:00 with extra shows on holidays


·         1,000 THB/ticket Deluxe; 1,200 THB/ticket VIP

·         No children’s discount, but a child sitting on your lap is free

·         Wheelchair accessible

·         Includes a free soft drink at the cafe

Getting There:

If you’re staying with Thailand Holiday Homes, you can call your customer care representative and they’ll take care of everything.

Colosseum also offers their own pickup service, and charge 100 THB/person for transfers within Pattaya from NaKlua through North Pattaya, South Pattaya, and Jomtien.

Driving Directions to Colosseum:

The Colosseum Theater is located on Thepprasit Road which is a major 8-lane road south of South Pattaya Road (Pattaya Tai) and north of Jomtien Beach. It is 1.0 km east of Thappraya Rd. and 2.1 km west of Sukhumvit Rd. A large street-side sign and its unusual architecture make it difficult to miss. Parking is easy and plentiful.