Dongtan Beach at Sattahip

  • While sand and clear water await tourists at Dongtan Beach Sattahip
  • Dongtan Beach Sattahip is a paradise for kids
  • Dongtan Beach Sattahip has plenty of shade
  • Tranquil Dongtan Beach Sattahip for a family day trip
  • The shoreline of Dongtan Beach Sattahip is covered with palm trees
  • Dongtan Beach Sattahip - a great place for a day trip while on holiday in Pattaya
  • Dongtan Beach Sattahip is a paradise for beach and sailing lovers

Dongtan Beach, Sattahip

Dongtan Beach at Sattahip is one of the area's quieter beaches, filled with palm trees and looking like something you would find on a postcard.

This location is particularly good for boating enthusiasts, as the beach is home to a sailing club. Here, there is all the necessary equipment for the pros as well aslessons available for beginners. They also run various sailboat excursions to nearby islands which are simply a must if you're close by and in the mood to explore. If you do opt for a boat trip, rest assured that you'll be in excellent hands - your captain (or teacher) is from the Royal Thai Navy that has a base nearby.

Activities at Dongtan Beach

Other than sailing, there are plenty of other activities to keep you busy. The water is great for swimming but save your snorkel for the southern Thai islands where the water is much clearer. On Dongtan Beach there are also a few massage areas dotted around so you can ease away the stress of...sitting on a paradise beach all day!

Accommodation at Dongtan

If you enjoy the beach so much that you don't want to leave...well, you don't have to! There is actually a designated area on the beachfront where you can rent your own tent for a small fee. We're guessing it might be a bit sandy, but at least you´ll get the sound of those relaxing waves to soothe you to sleep. If you don´t fancy slumming it, you can alternatively stay in one of the nearby navy houses.

Because the beach is not as popular with tourists as some others, visitors will find it much quieter and less developed, than say, Pattaya Beach. As a result, those looking for dining or drinks will find their options fairly restricted to mostly small shops and local restaurants. However, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as some are truly excellent, serving up freshly caught seafood for relatively inexpensive prices.

Accessing Dongtn Beach

Dongtan´s unique and a little confusing method of entrance is perhaps the reason why you won't see many others about. To access the beach, you must go through the Thai Navy base first. It may seem a little daunting, but the helpful staff on duty are sure to guide you through to the beach with a smile. If you don't have your own transport, your best bet is to take a Songtheaw from Sattahip town to the navy base. From there you can either walk or take a motorbike taxi for the rest of the way until you find the elusive beach.

Sattahip Attractions

Sattahip, just a short drive South of Pattaya, also has its own unique character and enough interesting things to do (besides lying on the beach) to merit a day trip. There is a big town market great for food and souvenirs, as well as Nong Nooch Garden, Silverlake Winery, Buddhist temples and a Sea Turtle Conservation Center. Part of the charm of this area is making your own way through the various fishing villages dotted along the coast, which give you a true insight into the local way of life which, in these parts, always revolves around one thing: fish!

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