Dong Tan Beach Pattaya

  • Dong Tan Beach Pattaya provides some sun beds with umbrellas
  • Get a suntan and have a swim at Dong Tan Beach Pattaya
  • Dogs and tourists love the quietness of Dong Tan Beach Pattaya
  • Dong Tan Beach Pattaya offers small restaurants and shady stretches of sand
  • Spend during your Thailand holiday a quiet day at Dong Tan Beach Pattaya
  • Dong Tan Beach Pattaya is quiet and the trees give some shade

Dong Tan Beach Pattaya, Jomtien

Jomtien is home to the comfortable and relaxed Dong Tang Beach. This 265 metre long beach is recognised as a popular place for Pattaya’s local, expat and visiting LGBT community to frequent.

The beach is easily found, simply head to the beginning of Jomtien Beach Road where you will see a police box on the corner. Instead of turning left to the main Jomtien Beach, turn right and you are on the approach to Dong Tang.

There is a small car park just after the police box. From here the road is gated and only accessible by bicycle or on foot. This makes it a very pleasant place to take a stroll. To your left you have the seashore and lots of deckchair and umbrella sections, while to your right, there are a few restaurants and bars which give way to the gardens of hotels and holiday accommodations. Towards the far end of the beach is the back of Pattaya Park.

The Lowdown on Beach Chairs in Pattaya The price of a deckchair and umbrella is similar to other beaches in the area (30-80 THB for the entire day). The pleasure of a day at the beach with comfy chair and umbrella is surely one of the true bargains to be had in Pattaya.

Each deckchair section is operated by a different ‘owner’, and once you are seated you can order drinks and food at will. The bill will be totaled throughout your stay, and you settle upon departure. It’s a very civilised way of going about things, and there’s no need to worry about “outside” food and drink.

While you can’t escape the beach vendors touting everything from hand made trinkets to temporary tattoos, you can politely decline, and go about your business of reading, people watching, or gazing across the sea to the distant Koh Lan. If you do purchase anything from the vendors, be sure to haggle on price. The “beach premium” is 50%-100% or more.

Beach Activities in Pattaya

Anyone who is feeling particularly energetic has the option of hiring a Jet Ski or wind-surfing equipment. As with everywhere in Pattaya, do check the condition of the Jet Ski before committing to any rental— the most common thing that goes wrong is that the owners will try to charge the gullible for damage that occurred well before they ever rode.

Along the beach you may also find impromptu beach volleyball games being organised. Don’t be afraid to ask if you can join in. The community on this section of beach is friendly and generally welcome newcomers.

Between the deck-chairs and the quiet road you will find a variety of male and female masseurs. When you opt for their services you will simply stretch out on a beach blanket and let them go to work. If you are looking to break up your deckchair activity this is a very pleasant way to spend an hour or so. There are also vendors offering a manicure or pedicure without you having to move from your seat.

When it is time to leave the beach keep an eye out for a set of steps on your left hand side which are before the 7/11 and police box. This takes you into a cosy soi where there are a few restaurants and bars to choose from, a little further is Jomtien Plaza which offers yet more bars and eateries.

Dong Tang Beach is an excellent place to spend a few hours; you will feel at ease, have drinks and food on tap, and can dip in and out of the water whenever it pleases you. Its convenient location is another great plus.

Directions, opening hours and entrance fee

Travel towards the main Jomtien Beach. As you reach the beginning of Beach Road you will see a Police Box in front of you and a 7/11 on your right. Turn right between these and you are on Dong Tang Beach.

Deckchairs and umbrellas are available from around 09.00hrs until dusk every day. While entry to the Beach is free, if you require a deckchair and umbrella it will cost 30baht for the total hire period.

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