Bang Saen Aquarium Chonburi

Bang Saen Aquarium, Burapha University, Chonburi

Going to an aquarium is a fun and educational outing, giving children and adults alike the opportunity to have a great time and learn something along the way. Established in 1969, Bang Saen Aquarium is located on the campus of Burapha University, in Chonburi province, and is a great place to go and see some aquatic life up close and personal. The aquarium is in a convenient location, in close proximity to Pattaya and Bangkok.

For those looking to plan a visit, Bang Saen Aquarium is open every day of the week except for Mondays, from 9 to 6pm. Would-be guests should be aware that like many attractions in Thailand, the aquarium does operate a dual-pricing scheme in which foreigners are charged a higher price than locals. Even still, the aquarium is very much affordable at a price of 180 baht for adults.

The Best Attractions in Bang Saen

One of the highlights of the Bang Saen aquarium is a massive whale skeleton, allowing guests to get a true sense of scale of how massive the world’s largest living creatures truly are. The rest of the aquarium consists of a series of tanks, large and small, housing all sorts of marine creatures, including a variety of fish, crabs, seahorses, and more.

Alongside the tanks are placards giving guests some background information about the species they are observing, including details on things such as diet, habitat, etc. Unusually for an aquarium of its size, the Bang Saen Aquarium does not host any sharks or turtles.

On the way out, visitors to the aquarium can pop into one of the three shops to pick up some keepsakes and souvenirs to remember the trip by. The aquarium can get busy on weekends and during high season, but in general is not too crowded.

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