Pattaya Sea Turtle Conservation Center

Sea Turtle Conservation Center, Sattahip Pattaya

Around the world, sea turtles are one of mankind’s most beloved creatures. Efforts to help them or interact with them are made all of the time. Perhaps most famously, seaside towns will often shut off lights as baby sea turtles are hatching to help them find their way to the ocean. In Thailand as other nations, all sorts of efforts are made to protect sea turtles in Pattaya. One manifestation of this effort is the Pattaya Sea Turtle Conservation Center,

The center contains a number of exhibits and information telling visitors all about sea turtles, their habitat, their diet and more. There is lots of information about the different kinds of sea turtles that are native to Thailand and what makes them different from one another.

For those who are more hands-on, one of the best parts of the Pattaya Sea Turtle Conservation Center will be the ponds in the back area, containing living sea turtles of various types. Here, curious on-lookers can get a first-hand look at these majestic creatures up close and personal.

Pattaya Marine Life

The center is technically in Sattahip, not Pattaya, but is very much convenient to those staying in Pattaya. The center offers free admission every day for both Thais and foreigners alike, but those who have particularly enjoyed the experience can make donations to help keep the center operating and help the Pattaya marine life.

In addition to its work as a museum, the center is an active conservatory, and many of the animals it helps to raise will eventually be re-released back into the wild.

Those planning a trip should note that the center is open from 8:00 in the morning until 5:00 in the afternoon, and is located right next to the Air and Coastal Defense Command.

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