Burapa Bike Show Pattaya

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Burapa Bike Show, Pattaya

Pattaya’s Burapa Bike Show is one of not only Thailand’s but indeed the whole region’s biggest bike shows and Pattaya Festivals. The 3-day-long celebration of monstrous motorcycles is a can’t miss event on the Pattaya calendar, bringing to town not only some of the world’s most impressive motorcycles but also a variety of musical acts and a large number of bike shops and customizers who can make just about any motorcycle into a true hog worthy of the name. The main event takes place in the Indoor Athletic Stadium, on Soi Chaiyapruek 2, close to Sukhumvit Road.

In addition to showing off their rides, many of the attendees will have a chance to show off their own skills on the bike, with ample room to do tricks and maneuvers and a large, appreciative crowd to enjoy them. Like just about any event in Thailand, the show also has no shortage of delicious food and drinks on hand at great prices.

One of the biggest parts of the Burapa Bikle Show is a massive group ride, beginning at the Indoor Athletic Stadium and cruising throughout Pattaya before returning back to the stadium. Whether one is watching or participating, it is truly a spectacle to behold. So many enormous and powerful bikes in one place is an intimidating sight to be sure, but every year the police are on hand to keep things under control and help direct traffic, as the lights and roads can find the massive influx of bikers too much to handle!

Bike Show in Pattaya

With so many bikers in one place, the show is an ideal place for businesses that revolve around bikes to show off their wares and many do so in style. As there is so much competition for attention, in recent years those looking to really make an impression have been in a constant battle with its competition, resulting in increasingly spectacular and attention grabbing displays, including gorgeous premium bikes and beautiful models.

The 2013 Bike Show in Pattaya, was held on the 15th and 16th of February, and was as successful as all the other years before it. As the biggest show in the region, one will be sure to see and hear the drivers coming from all over the region in the days before the show officially starts. Many bike clubs or other organizations in places like Malaysia, Singapore or Vietnam will make a journey to the show an annual adventure, driving their huge rigs all the way from home to Pattaya and back. A number of other events, not involving motorcycles, take place at the show as well, including in years past demonstrations by certain units of the Thai military, horseback riding competitions and much more.

Whether one is a hog-driving motorcycle lover or wouldn’t know the difference between a Harley and a Kawasaki, the Burapa Bike Show is an exciting and fun event that offers a wide variety of things to do and see. Come and check it out every February and you’ll see why so many keep coming back year after year.

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