Coffee and Sweets - Jomtien Beachside Cafe

  • Beachside Coffee and Sweets Jomtien has seatings on the terrace and inside
  • Nice sandy beach with sun-chairs just opposite Jomtien Coffee and Sweets
  • Funny scultures at Coffee and Sweets Jomtien
  • Enjoy during your Pattaya holiday a cold drink at Coffee and Sweets Pattaya
  • Coffee and Sweets Pattaya has a unique menu board
  • From Coffee and Sweets Pattaya terrace you have a great sea view
  • A family has a break under an umbrella at Jomtien Coffee and Sweets
  • Coffee and Sweets Jomtien serves unique coffees with a sweet
  • have a cold drink during your Pattaya beach vacation at Coffee and Sweets Jomtien

Coffee & Sweets may well be the perfect café. Originally a showroom for Cetus Beachfront Condos, it exceeds all expectations with its atmosphere and service, and is well on its way to becoming a Jomtien establishment.

The café is located on Jomtien Beach Road, just south of Chaiyapruek on Soi 15. It makes full use of its beach side location with a large front terrace that overlooks the sea and provides ample seating. There are two all-glass buildings: one houses the counter and restaurant and the other, thoroughly air-conditioned, has a variety of seating options with traditional café seating, long tables, and arm chairs.

The owners, husband-and-wife team Joe and Pu, have taken great care to provide a homey atmosphere—shabby chic with pomo touches. The patio seating is comfortable and capacious, with long benches softened by mod, designer cushions and shady areas cooled by ceiling fans. The indoor seating features over-the-top high back chairs alongside funky ottomans and even a faux fireplace. The subtly white-washed walls, internationally inflected playlist, and whimsical decorative touches create a traditional café atmosphere but with a personal touch. There is free Wi-Fi for customers, outlets for plugging in, and even an electronic call button system that ensures your next cappuccino is only a finger-lift away.

Joe and Pu, both Thai chefs trained in Australia, take special pride in the menu on offer. They make all of their baked goods in house, including their macaroons and classic Sticky Date Pudding (from ingredients imported from Australia). There is a full breakfast menu including standards like the American breakfast, but extending to fluffy pancakes, waffles, French toast, and their famous Eggs Benedict. They also offer a full lunch menu with Thai and Western favorites like sandwiches, pasta, and curries. The Soft-Shell Crab Salad and Stir-Fried Duck with Basil make a memorable meal.

No café would be complete without an extensive drinks menu, and Coffee & Sweets does not disappoint. They use a special blend of imported and local coffee to create their signature espresso drinks, available hot and cold. There is a wide variety of non-coffee drinks, from exotic fruit smoothies to Thai tea frappes. Also on hand is a curated selection of alcoholic beverages.

Not to be missed is their signature hand-crafted soda, Lemon Lime with Bitters—delicious and slightly sweet with a thoughtful, modern edge—the perfect symbol for this café.