Silverlake Vineyard Pattaya

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  • Silverlake Vineyard Pattaya is close by the Big Buddha Mountain
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  • Beautiful gardens at Silverlake Vineyard Pattaya

Wine Tasting at Silverlake Vineyard Pattaya 

Although it is certainly more famous for its spicy and flavorful cuisine, Thailand is also home to an excellent and growing wine scene. Blessed with excellent soil and warm weather, Thailand is actually a fantastic spot for wine making and grape growing, and as such is seeing an increase in the number of vineyards in Thailand and wineries opening up. One of the best such places in Thailand can be found in Pattaya in the form of the Silverlake Vineyard.

The vineyard has quickly become one of area’s most visited tourist destinations, popular with not only foreign tourists but also upper-class Bangkokians coming for a short visit. The vines of the place’s name are only in season for some of the year, but even when the grapes are not growing, Silverlake Vineyard is still beautiful, offering incredible views and delightful flowers.

The owner of the vineyard is one Supansa Nuangphirom, one of Thailand’s most famous leading actresses in her day. The vineyard was promoted on her shows, and today is something of a landmark for Thais. As so many visitors come, Silverlake Vineyard has gone out of its way to cater to the many new faces, offering activities and things to do for guests.

Activities include the traditional staples of any winery including wine tastings and tours but also more exotic and unusual ones including ATV rides, elephant riding and more.

Silverlake Vineyard is also home to a fantastic food court for those who have come hungry, serving excellent Thai dishes for reasonable prices. However, what most people come to see is the wine and Silverlake does not disappoint. The wines on offer are some of the best made in Thailand, and are available in the shop alongside other products made from the grapes, including jams, jellies and more. Any wine lover in Pattaya simply must stop here.

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