Manhattans Restaurant in Pattaya

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Best Restaurant in Pattaya

Manhattan Restaurant in Pattaya is widely considered one of Thailand’s premier fine dining destinations, offering very high quality steaks, seafood and more in a refined and cosmopolitan atmosphere. The restaurant itself is now 7-years-old, and it has only gotten better with time. You will often hear people call this the best restaurant in Pattaya.

The first thing guests will notice about Manhattans is the incredible visual impression one gets from the decor. Even from the street, the restaurant truly stands out and calls attention to itself. Once inside, the powerful and modern décor is an excellent contribution to the overall atmosphere.

The restaurant has a street entrance but an equally popular plan for diners is to spend a little time first at the delightful bistro and bar before having their meals. The bistro has an appealing terrace for the evenings when the weather is not too hot where skilled bartenders have an impressive repertoire of classic and innovative cocktails available, alongside wine and international and domestic beers. One of the best cocktails shares the name of the restaurant, the Manhattan, and is served and prepared with a certain panache that guests won’t soon forget. The bistro currently opens at 5pm.

Best Places to Eat in Pattaya

As far as the cuisine goes, Manhattans employs the highly talented Chef Bart, who has put his own personal spin on the French dishes to incredible effect. Chef Bart hails from the Netherlands, and has many years of experience in fine dining establishments, including a five-year stint as the head chef at the luxury steakhouse on a cruise ship. Bart’s cuisine combines local Thai notes with his more familiar continental flavors to create something truly special.

With fantastic food, a fun bistro and stunning décor, Manhattans Restaurant in Pattaya is one of the best places to eat in  Pattaya. With a talented and creative chef at the helm, diners are guaranteed something truly special.