Rimpa Lapin Restaurant in Pattaya

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Rimpa Lapin Seafood Restaurant Pattaya

Although many of Thailand’s best restaurants will focus on either Thai or European cuisine, the number of restaurants that put an emphasis on fusion-style cuisine is relatively small. The number that can put out fusion cuisine as appetizing and creative as Rimpa Lapin in Pattaya is zero.

Situated on a beautiful seaside cliff, Rimpa Lapin in Pattaya serves what is quite simply the best fusion food found in Thailand, with specialties such as stir-fried rock lobster with salted egg or a scallop dish served with cream sauce truly capturing the best flavors and preparation styles of both Thai and Western cuisine to create something truly unique. If you are seeking out Pattaya seafood, this is also a great choice.

The restaurant’s location has equally stunning views both day and night, but it is the daily sunset that is truly something to behold, as crimson and orange blend together as the sun falls over the Gulf of Thailand.

Best Pattaya Restaurants 

Rimpa Lapin in Pattaya is known as one of the best Pattaya Restaurants and is owned and operated by a couple that grew up in Thailand but have spent time abroad as well. These two, Oat and Linda, have over the years gained an appreciation for the subtleties that make the flavors of Thai and European food stand out, and their menu reflects this deep knowledge base. One of the best manifestations of this knowledge from the perspective of diners has come in the strong emphasis placed on fresh ingredients.

As anyone who has cooked or eaten Thai food can attest, Thai food requires, perhaps more so than any other style of cuisine, that all ingredients be as fresh as possible for the best taste. At Rimpa Lapin in Pattaya, all ingredients are sourced fresh from the area when possible, giving all of their dishes a fantastic freshness (especially the seafood).

Those seeking a super-luxurious meal may find that Rimpa Lapin in Pattaya is a little too laid back for them, but those looking for great fusion dishes and a great view need look no further.

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