Oasis Spa Pattaya

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Oasis Spa in Pattaya

With a long history of unique remedies for the body, Thailand is famous for its classical Thai massage. While other treatments might not have the same international fame, they are no less excellent, and in spots such as Oasis Spa Pattaya the arts of healing and restoration and beauty are practiced today as they have been for hundreds of years, although with a modern twist to keep up with the latest technology.

Oasis Spa Pattaya prides itself on offering the ultimate spa experience. Those who opt for a treatment at the Oasis Spa in Pattaya will find themselves feeling and looking better than they ever thought possible. Spas in Pattaya don't come much better.

Oasis Spa’s treatments and philosophy is inspired by the ancient wisdom of the Lanna people, an older kingdom based in the area around Chiang Mai (which was eventually incorporated into the larger Siamese state under the kings of Ayutthaya). These Lanna treatments mean that guests at Oasis Spa Pattaya will find the experience noticeably different than a standard massage in the area might be. Of course, the treatments will also utilize state-of-the-art beauty products as well. Whether a treatment is inspired by ancient techniques or more modern ones, you can be sure that the materials being used will be of the highest freshness and quality. For example, all of the herbs that are used to create special wraps or body scrubs are supplied from a small village near Chiang Mai.

The overall environment of the Oasis Spa Pattaya is very calming and relaxing. The design utilizes large amounts of wood to help create the mood, as well as exceptional amounts of privacy to make guests feel completely relaxed. The Oasis Spa Pattaya lives up to its name, and those looking for a spot of tranquility and peace in Pattaya will find nowhere better.

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