Siriporn Orchid Farm Pattaya

Siriporn Orchid Farm in Pattaya

Thailand is famous for its orchids. Its climate is so conducive to orchid growing that it can grow both temperate and tropical varieties simultaneously. This has helped Thailand become the dominating force it is today in the world orchid market, and this Orchid Farm in Pattaya won't disappoint. If one wants to see some of these orchids, perhaps the best place to do so is at the Siriporn Orchid Farm Pattaya, offering a large variety of orchids of various colors and sizes, creating a truly impressive sight.

While the farm will no doubt be most appreciated by lovers of the flower, it is also interesting to those with just a passive interest in orchids.  For example, visitors will not only get to see the rare breeds of orchid but will also be able to interact with those who grow them, learning about the Siriporn Orchid Farm’s techniques and the science behind what makes this area so perfect for growing orchids.

One of the most interesting things that one can do at the orchid farm is learning how to create your own orchid garden at home. The staff here are truly passionate about orchids and are happy to help those new to the flower explore their interest and pick out the best species for their garden. The orchid farm’s shop can also offer high quality pots and excellently cut flowers.

The Siriporn Orchid Farm Pattaya is open from 8 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon every day. A small admission fee is charged.

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