Khao Kheow Open Zoo in Pattaya

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Khao Kheow Zoo, Sriracha

Khao Kheow Open Zoo in Pattaya is one of the finest zoos in Thailand. The zoo is also one of the country’s oldest zoos in operation, with a history stretching back over 60 years. The zoo is massive, set over 2000 acres, and unlike some zoos that are purely commercial enterprises where the animals can be treated in a manner that is less than humane, at Khao Kheow Open Zoo in Pattaya the establishment is run as something of a public service, designed to give people the chance to see animals in their natural state up close and give scientists the chance to undertake serious research.

400 acres are reserved for animal habitats. In this space, one will not find the cages, electrified fences and bars that dominate many zoos in the world. Instead, the animals are allowed to roam free and do as they please. Visitors can drive around in this space. 

Something that makes this zoo unique compared to many others is the ability of guests to set their own pace, as they are allowed to rent their own vehicle or bikes and see the things they would like at the pace they would like. This provides a freedom that many find particularly liberating, especially when compared to being rushed along as part of a tour group. The animal habitat space is home to some 200 different species, a mix of native and imported animals. In addition to the fascinating animals, the grounds themselves are quite beautiful. They are very well kept and show off some of the natural beauty of Thailand.

The Best Zoos in Thailand

The zoo itself is located about 45 minutes away from Pattaya by car. To truly see the zoo it is suggested to set aside at least three hours. Tickets are priced at 300 baht for both children and adults, and included in the price is 2 shows (an animal show and Journey to the Jungle). The zoo is a popular Pattaya Attraction.

In addition to its animal habitats, Khao Kheow Open Zoo in Pattaya is also one of Thailand’s major centers of animal research. Studies have been done on things such as the best techniques for reintroducing animals to an ecosystem or the breeding practices of tigers, putting the zoo on the cutting edge of animal knowledge.

For those who enjoy their time at Khao Kheow Open Zoo, the zoo offers an animal adoption program that is especially popular with animal lovers. For a donation towards a certain animal’s meals, care and medical treatment, those who sponsor an animal will get special privileges that allow one to truly connect to their animal. For example, when sponsoring an animal, the zoo will send updates about it to you, make you a “thank you” sign and even allow you time to see it and interact with it up close and personal in a way you otherwise would never be able to. Contributions such as this help the zoo stay in operation and help make sure the zoo remains the fantastic place for animals that it is today.

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