Million Year Stone Park in Pattaya

  • Amazing natural sculptures at Million Year Stone Park Pattaya
  • Million Year Stone Park Pattaya is a great place for a family day trip
  • Million Year Stone Park Pattaya brings some real excitement to your Pattaya holiday
  • Experience some adrenaline high at Million Year Stone Park Pattaya
  • Million Year Stone Park Pattaya houses a nice small zoo

Crocodile shows at Million Year Stone Park, Pattaya

The Million Year Stone Park and Crocodile Farm is a large Pattaya family attraction not far from Naklua Sukhumvit Road. Its landscape has been designed to attract tourists with bonsai type trees, fossilized trees, colorful flowers, stones, water, and so on. The crocodile show is performed several times a day in order to respond to the need of visitors coming to the farm at different times. Although its name indicates only crocodile farm, there are also other animals presented inside the farm. 

Million Year Stone Park was established by Mr.Suan Phanom Watthanakul. He spent about 20 years collecting the natural and valuable objects, which is hardly seen in the present, such as dwarfs from about 200 years ago, fossilized trees, rainbow stones and so on. His purpose for the collection is to establish a tourist attraction open to visitors who want to see real rare objects. 

The landscape of the stone park is very attractive. Along the pavement, visitors can see an amazing form of giant stones, lots of flowers and dwarf trees. The age of some of these stones are more than a million years. Apart from that, there are also picnic spots in many places, so it would be good if you prepare some food for this trip. This natural and amazing atmosphere is a good place to take some pictures. Note that there is a restaurant in the park. 

The crocodile show is also one of the reasons people flock to the park. The show might thrill you as the staff wrestle crocodiles or put their body parts such as legs, arms, or head inside the crocodile's mouth. At the end of the show, visitors can also take some photos with the crocs. The show is performed approximately every hour, so visitors who miss the show won't have to wait so long for the next round.

In the park, visitors can see many other animals such as tigers, elephants, bears, lions, beautiful fish, and so on. Visitors can also pay extra prices in order to feed animals, or take photos with them.

The park opens from daily from 08.30 to 18.30.

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