Wonder Farm in South Pattaya

  • Fresh coffee and tasty cakes at Wonder Farm South Pattaya
  • Beautiful landscaped gardens at Wonder Farm South Pattaya
  • A fantastic Pattaya family attraction is Wonder Farm South Pattaya
  • Wonder Farm South Pattaya is a great place for families
  • Spend during your Pattaya holiday a few hours at Wonder Farm South Pattaya

Wonder Farm, South Pattaya

In a nation famed for its agriculture, visiting a farm might seem to be a sensible activity. But Wonder Farm is no ordinary farm! Wonder Farm is situated in South Pattaya, and is a fantastic way to spend an afternoon, especially for those with children. For sure, this is one of the best Pattaya family attractions.

Wonder Farm is conveniently located, close to other attractions such as the floating market, Silverlake Vineyard and Nong Nooch Gardens. Trips to any of these places can be easily coupled with a stop at Wonder Farm to create a nice day out.

The grounds include a fantastic tea and coffee shop, offering gourmet and expertly prepared drinks along with beautiful views of the surrounding countryside. The shop also sells small snacks, such as brownies, for low prices. Wonder Farm also has a small restaurant onsite serving up simple but delicious Thai dishes.

However, the main draw of Wonder Farm in south Pattaya is the animals, and this is the reason kids love it. Wonder Farm’s animals include quite a few rabbits as well as fish, goats and swans. Kids will also enjoy the playground area, complete with slides and even a trampoline.

As far as clientele, Wonder Farm is of course for tourists and brings in large numbers of Thai Bangkokians in addition to foreigners. The place is pretty popular and can become very busy on weekends, so if possible it might be better to go during the week, especially considering the relatively small number of animals.

Thanks to its great location and beautiful surroundings, Wonder Farm is a great place to stop and take a break while seeing the sights of South Pattaya. Its food and drinks are high quality and reasonably priced. The farm can be a great alternative for kids (or adults!) who might find the temples and cultural sights a bit dull after a while.

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