Alangkarn Theater Pattaya

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Pattaya Cultural Shows

Pattaya’s Alangkarn Theater is home to a stunning “Thai Extravaganza Show”, an impressive production telling the story of the core beliefs of the Thai people and explaining Thai history through traditional Thai art and design. The theater itself is a true marvel, boasting a state-of-the-art hexa theater design that can comfortably seat 2000 guests. The production takes full advantage of the theater’s unique multimedia capabilities, including two 11x15-meter screens and a 50-meter water screen.

The show’s 7 scenes are spread over 3 breathtaking acts, starting with an exploration of the beliefs of Thailand before moving on to the country’s arts and culture. The third act comprises a history lesson, telling of Thailand’s past during the Sukhothai, Ayutthaya and Rattanakosin (Bangkok) periods. The show is fast-paced and entertaining, with pyrotechnics, laser lights and surround sound utilized to incredible effect.

The show is referred to as a “panoramic concept”, a label not spuriously applied as the stage itself stretches more than 70 meters in length. In some of the production’s more chaotic scenes, as many as 100 performers will be on stage simultaneously, creating an experience almost cinematic in scale. Guests will no doubt come out a great deal more knowledgeable about Thailand and Thai people than before they went in. 

Must See Pattaya Shows

As impressive as the Thai Extravaganza Show is, Alangkarn Theater has much more to offer as well. The theater is home to a very high quality restaurant, offering a sumptuous and satisfying mix of both Thai and international dishes. The restaurant itself is quite large, capable of serving as many as 1000 diners at once! The décor is modern and contemporary, yet still distinctly Thai, creating a unique and fascinating ambience.

The Alangkarn is also home to a number of other amenities, including a fascinating cultural rostrum. As most visitors who come to Thailand on holiday don’t have nearly enough time to take full advantage of the country’s many sights and sounds, the cultural rostrum allows tourists to experience a great number of different sights and events in a traditional Thai setting. For example, the cultural rostrum plays host to a variety of outdoor activities, and features many stalls selling souvenirs and gifts. There is also an authentic Thai market, with many different kinds of Thai snacks and drinks available in a clean and comfortable environment.

The theater is also known to host a number of prestigious events, including charity functions, concerts, and even a Miss Thailand competition. The theater also has 2 large halls, perfect for hosting cocktail receptions and capable of accommodating up to 1500 guests.

As far as location, the Alangkarn Theater is conveniently situated on Sukhumvit Road in Jomtien. This makes it easy to get to and from. The show takes place every night of the week at 7 pm, except for Wednesdays.

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