Naklua Fish Market North Pattaya

  • Fishing boats await high tide at Naklua Fish Market North Pattaya
  • Get the net ready for the next catch at Naklua Fish Market North Pattaya
  • Fresh lobsters at Naklua Fish Market North Pattaya
  • A variety of rice shown at Naklua Fish Market North Pattaya
  • Fresh squids at Naklua Fish Market North Pattaya
  • Ready for cook - get one for yourself at Naklua Fish Market North Pattaya
  • Experience during your family holiday a sea food market in Thailand at Naklua Fish Market North Pattaya
  • Amazing display of fresh seafood and fruits at Naklua Fish Market North Pattaya
  • Delightful evening stroll at your Pattaya holiday - Naklua Fish Market North Pattaya

Naklua Fish Market, North Pattaya

Thailand is home to a seemingly infinite number of markets. Walking around and exploring them is a fun and unique experience for many visitors. Sometimes it might feel like a challenge as you try to determine what´s edible and what´s not; sometimes overwhelming as you try to maneuver your way through the crowds; and sometimes rewarding as you finally get that 20% discount you were bargaining long and hard for.

In the seaside town of Pattaya, one of the country’s best markets is the Naklua Fish Market, which specializes in, you guessed it…fish!

Naklua Fish Market

The relatively large market contains all kinds of seafood available to buy both fresh and cooked. There is more than just seafood too, as visitors will also find fresh vegetables, fruit and other items for sale.

The Naklua Fish Market offers almost unbelievable prices, making it a true shopper’s paradise. For example, massive prawns caught only hours prior may cost as little as 200 baht for a kilo, while fresh fish and other goods are even cheaper. To give you an idea of how cheap that is, these prices are roughly half of what you would pay would pay in a supermarket in Thailand.

Fish Market Pattaya

Naklua is very popular with locals, and in addition to fresh fish provides an interesting insight into the daily lives of the Thai people who live in the area. If you're planning on negotiating yourself a big deal, or just want a better understanding of what´s going on, it might be a good idea to go with somebody who speaks Thai, such as a local guide. Most locals here are more renowned for their expert fish knowledge, rather than their English. Alternatively, some old fashioned pointing and hand gestures should be enough to communicate want you want whilst still getting an honest price.

Fish Market North Pattaya

As with most of the top fresh fish markets in Thailand, you need to be up at sunrise to get the best selection. The fish literally come straight from the boats and into the market, meaning that they are about as fresh as you can get. The official opening times are from 5.00-9.00 every day.

Getting to Naklua Fish Market

For those with a rental car, parking is available for only 10 baht, and of course there is no admission charge, so this is a very inexpensive outing. The market is 10 minutes north from Pattaya Beach Road, and is easily reached by taxi or tuk-tuk. All drivers will know the market by name. You can also find it by heading to Naklua Beach - the market is situated right next to it.

The fishing town of Naklua is actually named after its additional salt farming industry (na klua = salt farm). Take a stroll around town and you’ll find no shopping malls, no bars and no major other tourist attractions. Instead, you'll find a quaint little seaside village that offers a brilliant insight into the traditional, simple and slow paced Thai way of life. There are some great photo opportunities throughout the seafront area and along the pier, as you watch the steady flow of fishing boats make their way in and out.

Naklua Fish Market Pattaya

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