Pattaya Fishing Park

  • Every fishing fan will be proud when catching a huge fish at Pattaya Fishing Park
  • With some patience and still you will get huge fishes at Pattaya Fishing Park
  • The fishes at Pattaya Fishing Park will give you a great fight
  • Pattaya Fishing Park is a great attraction for every fishing fanatic
  • Pattaya Fishing Park offers quietness and fun
  • Show of your skill at Pattaya Fishing Park

Fishing Parks in Pattaya

Pattaya Fishing Park, just 7.3 kilometers south of the Pattaya Tai junction on Sukhumvit Road offers some of the best fishing to be had in Pattaya. There are numerous fishing parks in Pattaya. If you speak to the regulars at Pattaya Fishing Park, they will tell you they have tried virtually all of the well known fishing parks around Pattaya and most cannot compare to Pattaya Fishing Park.

Set on approximately on 1 rai of land, Pattaya Fishing Park has a pair of banks. If you don't mind rummaging through the undergrowth you could also fish from the far bank. 

The first bank, so typical of most of the fishing parks in Pattaya, is concrete with a shelter running along its entire length. There is usually a nice breeze blowing into your face on this bank. 


  • Price per day including rod is 400 Baht (cheaper if you take your own)
  • 1 kilo of bread bait is 35 Baht
  • Pattaya Fishing Park has guides to assist you
  • Catfish are the main species
  • Rods for hire
  • The park has over 40 kilos of fish in their ponds
  • Food and drink are available
  • Open every day from 10am - 11pm