Bira Circuit Racing in Pattaya

Bira Circuit Race Track in Pattaya

Few things can get the blood and adrenaline flowing like the rush of high speed racing in Pattaya. Those seeking such a rush need look no further than the Bira Circuit in Pattaya, offering a variety of facilities for guests to either watch others or participate themselves in hitting high speeds and racing hard in a number of different vehicles.

The course at  Bira Circuit in Pattaya derives its name from Prince Birabongse Bhanudej, an extremely accomplished sportsman by any measure. The prince had an illustrious career as a racecar driver, in Formula 1 and the Grand Prix for Maserati, Gordini and Connaught, along with other teams. Prince Bira also competed in the Olympics three times as a sailor, and until 2001 was the only Formula 1 driver ever to hail from Southeast Asia.

Racing in Pattaya

Today, carrying his name and his legacy in the future, Bira Circuit Racing in Pattaya offers quite impressive facilities for racing and driving. The facility includes a full kart racing track, in which full size go karts can hit speeds of up to 100 km/h on the straightaways. There is also an off-roading track for rally drivers to test their skills. This is a quality Pattaya Adventure Activity

The track was founded in 1985 and remains to this day the only internationally certified track in all of Thailand. The location is convenient to Pattaya and to a lesser extent Bangkok, making it perfect for those looking for a place to race nearby. For those who would prefer to be spectators of the true professionals, Bira Circuit Racing in Pattaya also has comfortable stands from which to watch and a wide selection of food and drinks on hand to satisfy guests. The circuit has hosted some of Asia’s biggest racing events, including the South East Asia Touring Car Zone Challenge and the Asian Formula 2000 competition.

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