Bungy Jump in Pattaya

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Pattaya Bungy Jump

Bungy jumping has got to be one of the craziest, most over-the-top adrenaline rides there is in this world. With nothing separating one from free-fall except a small elastic cord tied to the feet, bungy jumping is a thrilling and heart-stopping experience with perhaps no equal. In Thailand, those seeking the rush will find it at Pattaya Bungy Jump. Adrenaline activities and adventure travel in Thailand really are becoming more popular every year.

Pattaya Bungee Jump opened in 1989, and follows all the latest safety standards set by New Zealand SANZ and the British BERSA association. The crew is highly professional and does everything to ensure your safety, with over 80,000 jumps and 40 years of experience shared among their 3 Jump Masters. Fears about safety are very misplaced in this case, as the entire environment is very much controlled and there has never been an accident here.

Jumpers drop from 60 meters over a lotus pond. They offer the basic package at 1,800 THB, a deluxe package includes pictures and t-shirt or cap for bragging rights, and you can also do a tandem jump. If you want to “go again” you can—after the third jump, the fourth jump is free.

Pattaya Extreme Activities

All jumpers will receive some insurance as part of the price of the jump, and a certificate of completion upon a successful jump. Pattaya Bungy Jump is particularly great for those looking to host a party or a big group, as the staff is very accommodating. If your heart isn’t racing fast enough yet, they also have a Zorb—a “Crazy Ball” which plunges 3 stories down a 40 degree slope with you inside.

Those who want to take the plunge might be able to simply walk up and do it, depending on how busy the place is that day. It is highly recommended to make reservations or at least call ahead before going. Those who do can even arrange a transfer service to pick them up and drop them off from their villa (included in the jump price).

Bungy jumping is a surefire way to make a great trip even better, and there is no better place to do it than at Pattaya Bungy Jump. This is Pattaya Extreme at its best!

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