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Chor Nateethong Muay Thai Boxing in Pattaya

In Thailand, the traditional form of boxing, Muay Thai, holds a special place in the national culture and character. Little is actually known about the origins of the sport, as much of the earliest writings and records of the sport were destroyed during the Burmese invasion of Ayutthaya. Indeed, much of today’s understanding comes from the various writings of Cambodian, European and Burmese observers. Nonetheless, the sport remains extremely popular in Thailand, with matches broadcast nationally every weekend and the best fighters being recognized and celebrated as top footballers might elsewhere in the world.

Many have heard of Muay Thai before they ever set foot in Thailand. In recent years the sport has developed a truly international following, and Muay Thai gyms can be found in cities all over the globe. However, for a truly authentic experience one must come to the country of origin, and few gyms take the history and traditions of Muay Thai as seriously as the Chor Nateethong Thai Boxing Club.

The club offers instruction and training in Muay Thai, and also in western-style boxing, for as little as 300 baht for one session. The trainers and staff at the club are truly experts in their craft, all with professional fighting experience and many with championships to their name. The Cho Nateethong Thai Boxing Club is located just off of Sukhumvit Road in Pattaya, and is without a doubt the city’s premier boxing gym.

Training sessions are available every day except for Sundays, in both the morning and then again in the afternoon or early evening. Whether one is serious about training for a fight or just wants to give it a go while on holiday, the Chor Nateethong Thai Boxing Club offers expert training at incredible prices, and an experience that won’t soon be forgotten.

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