Big Buddha Hill Pattaya

  • During your Pattaya holiday you have to see Big Buddha Hill
  • Big Buddha Hill Pattaya houses as well some small Chinese shrines
  • The path at Big Buddha Hill Pattaya is seamed by many Buddha statues
  • a Chinese temple at Big Buddha Hill Pattaya
  • Big Buddha Hill Pattaya offers you a fantastic view over the seaside city
  • A beautiful Chinese goodness at Big Buddha Hill Pattaya
  • Big Buddha Hill Pattaya is one of the most famous tourist attractions

Biggest Buddha Image

At Big Buddha Hill, also known as Wat Phra Yai, you can see the biggest Buddha image in Chonburi province, visible from far and wide.

The Buddha image is located at the peak of Pratumnak Hill, just south of the city. Driving up the road to the top of the hill will give you some very nice views of the Gulf of Thailand.

A long stairway flanked by two golden colored naga snakes leads to the Buddha image that was constructed in 1977. The enormous gold colored Buddha image is around 18 meters high and is officially named Phra Buddha Sukhothai Walai Chonlathan, and is also known as Luang Pho Yai.

Apart from the Big Buddha there are 7 smaller Buddha images on the temple grounds as well as a pavilion. Local people come to Wat Phra Yai to pay respect and pray for health, happiness and wealth among other things.

Some of the best views of Pattaya and the surrounding area can be enjoyed from the hill on the other side of Pratamnak Road.