Chanthaburi One Day Cycling Trip

  • A map shows all the highlights during a Chanthaburi One Day Cycling Trip
  • The roads have walking and cycling lanes, come and join a Chanthaburi One Day Cycling Trip
  • A Chanthaburi One Day Cycling Trip can be done on a motorbike as well
  • During a rest at Chanthaburi One Day Cycling Trip you can see some fishing vessels
  • A Chanthaburi One Day Cycling Trip is something special during a Pattaya holiday

Cycling Day Trips in Chanthaburi

Chanthaburi is widely regarded as the most cycle-friendly part of Thailand. It even has clearly marked BICYCLE ONLY lanes on its roads for goodness sake. For cycle enthusiasts holidaying in Pattaya, the trip to Chanthaburi is around 140 kilometers, but the roads are decent and the journey by car should take between 2.5 and 3 hours.

Approaching Chanthaburi

As you are approaching Chanthaburi you may decide to stop and have a quick look around the beautiful city with the largest Catholic Church in Thailand and a distinct French influence, but if your aim is to get out onto the open road you should head for the coast road and Chao Lao Beach. This is a long and sandy beach with shallow water suitable for swimming. Close to the beach you will find several beach resorts that rent out bicycles either by the day or the hour, a great option for exploring at your own pace.

Chao Lao Beach along the coast, inland and back along the coast

The rest of the day is down to you! It depends how far you wish to travel, and at what pace. You can follow the red cycle roads, and head to places such as Khung Wiman Beach. Before your trip make a route plan that will suit you and those cycling with you, and don’t forget the maps. With such beautiful coastline and numerous beaches, the temptation will be to rest a good while wherever you feel like it.

You’ll probably have the beaches almost to yourself. Take a bag with your swimming gear and drinking water and you are in for an absolute treat. Be sure to heed any “No Swimming” signs or red flags on the beaches – the sea can be rougher here than in Pattaya and there’s no reason to take chances.

Stopping and eating en-route

The area is well known for its fruits, and claims to produce the best durian, mangosteen and rambutan in Thailand. Before you have some for dessert do try the local specialties: Kuai Tieo Mu Lieng (Pork Noodle) is a very popular noodle soup which includes local herbs, and Chamuang is a local sweet and sour Pork curry. The seafood is also absolutely delicious and delightfully cheap, and you should wash it all down with a special fresh coconut milk concoction.

Long but memorable day!

Chanthaburi holds some real treasures in terms of cycling routes, beaches and wonderful views. By the time you arrive back in Pattaya, it will be late evening.  The adventure, excitement and enjoyment is well worth it, and you can spend the next day relaxing and recovering around your swimming pool or at the local beach!


One route is to leave Pattaya and drive towards Rayong on Route 36. Take Route 3 until Route 3399, and follow this until you reach Chao Lao Beach. There are several ways to reach this coast from Pattaya, so depending upon where you are staying choose the most direct route.