Koh Loy Island Pattaya

Koh Loy Island off the coast of Srirachai and Pattaya

Thailand is widely renowned for its beautiful islands and their beaches, and Koh Loy is a beautiful tropical island. Koh (pronounced more like “goh”, which means island in Thai) Loy is in fact a rather small island, but it is very popular nonetheless. It is about 30 kilometers away from Sriracha, which itself is about halfway between Bangkok and Pattaya. The island is actually connected to the mainland thanks to a bridge, so getting back and forth is far easier than most tropical islands in Thailand.

As a small island, Koh Loy does not have the development that many of Thailand’s islands do, leaving it more or less in its natural state. As such, it is very popular as a spot to go and relax for both locals and tourists alike, a place to take in the sunset and contemplate life.

Thailand Islands near Pattaya

For those who make the trip, contemplation is not the only activity available, as the island is also home to some fantastic seafood restaurants. There is also great fishing from the pier. The view from Koh Loy looks out into the Bight of Bangkok and is truly beautiful. Nearby, Koh Sichang offers a relaxing place to stay or makes for a good destination to visit if one wants to go island hopping.

The waters have many large ships, as this is where goods from huge ships are transferred to barges for their trip up the Chao Phraya River to Bangkok. The sight can be beautiful in the evening as the lights of the container ships and barges look like stars sparkling on the water. For visitors more inspired by spirituality than the vessels of commerce, Koh Loy is also home to a shrine to Luong Phor Phiw, an old abbot from a nearby temple and one of the area’s most respected figures.

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