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Extreme Phuket Activities

Riding ATVs in Phuket is an incredible experience, offering a thrilling ride through beautiful countryside. Those seeking to take an all-terrain vehicle out for a spin in Phuket need look no further than Phuket ATV, offering a number of great packages and fun outings that make for a great experience sure to create lasting memories regarding extreme Phuket activities.

Because of the ATV's ability to drive on less than perfect roads, ATV riders can and go see places and things that those depending on a car simply could not. This is one of the major appeals of many of Phuket ATV’s tours. Guests get to see things like true untouched rainforest, isolated villages, old plantations, secret beaches and more.

Because the trips visit isolated places and the driving can be difficult, Phuket ATV does require that all participants be at least 8 years old. However, all of their ATVs are fully automatic and easy to drive. Every group will have a safety briefing, during which the professional guide can answer any questions and everyone in the group will get a chance to practice driving and become comfortable with the vehicles.

All Terrain Vehicles in Phuket

Groups will depart for either one, two or three hours of riding on the all terrain vehicles in Phuket. In addition to ATV riding, guests have the option when booking their package to take part in several other activities as well, such as a rope bridge or a contraption known as the “Flying Fox”, allowing guests to soar 110 meters over a lake.

In all, Phuket ATV offers incredible experiences at great prices, allowing visitors to see a hidden side of Phuket that most tourists never come close to. The tours operate in rain or shine, and whatever kind of weather one gets the tour is sure to be special.


Phuket ATV
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