Bliss Beach Club on Bang Tao Beach

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Bliss Beach Club at Bang Tao Phuket

Yes, you can go to any of a number of Phuket beaches and rent a lounge chair and order a beer. But, when you’re looking for a real experience, you might try out Bliss Beach Club – it’s open to everyone. Instead of sticky beach cushions and half-cold beers, you’re surrounded by an elegant atmosphere and attentive service.

The first thing that will impress you is the location. It’s set on a pristine section of Bang Tao Beach, known as one of the prettiest (but surprisingly uncrowded) beaches in Phuket. There is sugar-white sand to run through your toes and the ocean beckons you to jump in, capped off with views of the jungle cliffs framing your slice of paradise.

Surround yourself in beauty

The outside area is stunning, decorated with a modern, pan-European aesthetic with a choice of shaded areas under the casuarina trees, whether on the traditional loungers, huge pillow beds, or at the cafe seating. The manicured lawn is the perfect place for contemplation (or a nap).

The interior is no less breathtaking, which is impressive considering the natural surroundings. The bar and restaurant area are modern and stylish, with huge windows looking out to the sea. Rich woods, leathers, and massive artworks elevate the environment.

Fusion cuisine and specialty cocktails

The menu is impressive, a real fusion of Thai and Western elements from their Australian chef. There are classic salads, sandwiches, and mains, with a focus on the fresh, local seafood. The Sunday brunch is among the best on the island. The most popular activity, though, is having a delicious cocktail and watching the sun slip into the ocean with cool breezes and even cooler music as the backdrop.

Even with all this grown-up stuff, kids are not left out. There’s a big, safe play area for them and you’re almost guaranteed that they’ll soon make quick friends with the other children. They even have their own section of the menu and the childcare staff is delightful.

Nightlife in Bang Tao?

For years, the beaches north of Patong were seen as sleepy cousins to the throbbing nightlife of Patong. There still aren’t go-go bars on every corner, which many people see as a bonus. However, the new beach clubs, and especially Bliss, have certainly changed the scene.

The feature nights are constantly changing, and during high season there’s something special nearly every day. On Saturdays and Sundays, you’re almost guaranteed a live DJ and dancing. Some of the best DJs at the world have guested here, and you’re wise to see in advance if there’s a special event. If you lose track of the days and forget the weekend, take heart. The house DJ carefully plans the music and the sounds are always luscious.

And, if you’re the kind of person to make your own fun, know that you can book special events – birthdays, bachelor/hen parties/even weddings – and know that you’ll be in good hands.

Driving Directions to Bliss Beach Club in Bang Tao

From the main road through Bang Tao, turn west (toward the ocean) at the Tesco Lotus. After 1 km, turn left at the T-intersection (following signs for “Sunwing Resort”) Drive 200 meters to the entrance on your right. If only everyday Bliss was that easy!

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