Splash Jungle Water Park in Phuket

Water Parks in Thailand

Splash Jungle Water Park in Phuket offers visitors and locals in Phuket a way to beat the heat and have some water-soaked fun without going to the beach. Compared to the ocean, Splash Jungle is a much more controlled environment, perfect for families with little kids or really anyone who just wants to have a good time. Splash Jungle Water Park is located in the Mai Khao Beach area, and like its counterparts in Europe and North America offers a great many slides, rides and things to do for young and old alike.

One of the most refreshing things about Splash Jungle Water Park, besides the cool water, is the fact that it is so well run. Indeed, in some other parts of the world water parks are basically synonymous with long lines, surly staff and filthy water. Splash Jungle Water Park in Phuket thankfully is free from all of these concerns. Because the weather and tourist flow is quite similar all year round, Splash Jungle never has to worry about a “summer rush” the way water parks in other places might. The result is that lines at Splash Jungle are rarely more than a few people long, and guests can spend their time enjoying themselves and riding the flumes instead of endlessly waiting while baking in the sun.

West Sands Resort at Mai Khao

The park is located at the West Sands Resort at Mai Khao. Getting to Splash Jungle Water Park is easy enough, as they are happy to arrange a transfer to and from your villa. This service is fast and professional, and probably the best way to get to the park. There is good food available as well, both Thai and international. Open from 10am until 6pm, it is recommended to get to Splash Jungle early for maximum fun.



Splash Jungle Water Park in Phuket
Phone: +66 (0)76 372 111