Phong Phang Seafood Restaurant

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Phong Phang Seafood Restaurant, Chalong Phuket 

Anywhere close to the sea in Thailand is sure to have a number of great seafood restaurants, but few can compare to Phuket’s Phong Phang. Thai cuisine is very much suited to seafood, and virtually any Thai dish can be (and frequently is) made with seafood such as prawns or squid. There is a great amount of variety when it comes to preparation, but when it comes to taste it is uniformly delicious. Located on the same road as Phuket Zoo, you really can't mention Chalong seafood restaurants without talking about Phong Phang Seafood Restaurant

Phong Phang has long been a favorite of both locals and visitors alike, thanks to its expansive menu and fair prices. The menu features just about any Thai dish one can imagine, both with seafood and without. The best way to enjoy Thai food at Phong Phang is to eat your meal “family style”, with everyone sharing several dishes instead of ordering and eating their own. 

In fact, the restaurant will assume this is what you are doing, and food will not always come out in any kind of order or all at once. Instead, dishes come out when they are ready, meaning the food is always fresh and creating a fun parade of dishes to enjoy and discuss one by one.

The best dishes at Phong Phang Seafood Restaurant include the national dish, tom yum goong, a spicy and sour soup with prawns. This can be quite spicy if one is not accustomed to Thai flavors, but to have it be less spicy or not spicy at all simply tell your server “mai phet” (not spicy). Other dishes that can’t be missed include a deep fried fish with spicy and sweet sauce or steamed fish in lime juice. Both are staples of Thai seafood restaurants and absolutely delicious.

With a great menu and a convenient location, those seeking fresh seafood in Phuket should give Phong Phang Seafood Restaurant a try.

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